Take Part In Kotaku's Census 2010

Later this month, citizens of the United States will take part in the 2010 Census, an event aimed at helping the government learn more about the people it's trying to serve. We're doing exactly the same thing.

POLL 1 - The Consoles You Own


Ever wonder how many other people out there like the same game you do? Or think the same way you do about a burning issue? Throughout this week, we'll be polling you, the readers of Kotaku, on a wide range of topics, most of them directly related to video games. Unlike the US census, however - or anything run by an advertising company - we're not after your demographics. Your age, race, income, gender, whatever, it's not important.

What is important to us is what drives you as gamers. What you think, what you feel, what makes you play games and influences you while you're doing it, that's what we're trying to find out.

To that end, over the next five days, we're going to hit you with a range of polls. In the interests of fairness (and accurate data), these will be locked via both cookies and IP address to prevent duplicate voting. It'll be open to everyone, regardless of where you live. We'll also be withholding the results until next week, when we publish everything in a single handy report, so that users can't see which response is "winning" and go with the flow.

We're serious about the figures we get out of this, and hope that when the dust settles on the questions, we can share with you next week a pretty good idea of what makes you tick. Voting on all questions will be open until midnight MT on Sunday, March 21.


As questions are posted throughout the week, we'll list them above, in case you miss one while you're asleep/at work and would like to contribute.

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