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We first wrote about newsgame Airport Security back in 2006, today Ian Bogost reports that an iPhone version of the game is now available in the App Store.


Jetset is still about the absurdity of security at airports, but now it comes with a bunch of extra airplane-safe bells and whistles. In the game you play as a security office making sure that people don't bring a constantly changing list of prohibited items onto a plane.


The items, all inspired by real events in airport security, have to be plucked from the lines of waiting people. The game includes 100 airports, a new ability to strip search and high score tracking. Jetset also automatically selects the airport you're playing in based on where you are actually based using the iPod's location service.

The $5 game lets you collect virtual souvenirs from airports and save them up to redeem Jetset travel trophies. Sounds like a neat addition to an already fun and provocative game.

Jetset: A Game for Airports

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