Take a Look at How Sonic and Mega Man Level Up in Their Archie Comics Crossover

Worlds Collide—the long-brewing mash-up between Sega’s Hedgehog and Capcom’s Blue Bomber—finally kicks off this week. The two video game icons and their assorted allies, sidekicks and enemies will be meeting up and throwing down for the next few months. But, be honest: what you really want to know is if the blue brawlers will get powered up to take down the threats endangering reality.


Judging by the cover of Sonic The Hedgehog #251, some kind of ability boost is in the offing for two heroes. But, hey, at least their enemies find time to have a nice cookout, complete with roast marshmallows. The trailer below gives the lowdown on how the two characters meet up and if you want to subscribe to the whole thing, click on this handy link.

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