Take A Look At How Project Natal Actually Works

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You've got questions about Project Natal, we've got questions about Project Natal. And, for once, Microsoft have some answers, providing this behind-the-scenes look at the development and technology behind their upcoming motion-sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360.


Sure, most of it is fluff, but you'll catch glimpses of how the camera is able to "read" a three-dimensional space and follow your movements accordingly.

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Several things Natal lacks that will limit its gaming potential.

1. It can't give the player any physical feedback (or haptics). Punching or kicking the air doesn't feel right compared to the Wii mote where I actually have something physical in my hands and feel the recoil when I swing to hit something.

2) There are no buttons or analog stick. You can forget about playing any kind of platformers, FPS etc. The games most fitting for it are fitness games and casual mini type games. To be fair I can see some new genres being born from Natal but hardly nothing the "core" gamer would be interested in.

3) Microsoft are amateurs when it comes to this kind of family, casual - whatever you want to call it gaming. They have no experience with these types of games and dealing with this kind of market while Nintendo has been making these types of games for almost 3 decades. They got some brass you know what for trying to step on Nintendo's territory.

By the way, Natal, for the most part, will not be catering to the "core" gamers who are probably the only people that knows it exists. So why Eye Toy 2.0 getting so much hype in the gaming community?