Take a Dramatic Look at the Assembly of Nvidia’s New Gaming Handheld

So far, the biggest gaming surprise of CES 2013 is the totally unheralded reveal of Project Shield, the new handheld from Nvidia. Some of the functionality was run down in last night's reports but if you want to know what's inside the thing, then you might get some clues from this very-impressed-with-itself reveal video. Look for more news on Project Shield later today.

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As a PC gamer I've always felt most PC gaming hardware companies have horrible tastes in design. It's like they want everything to look edgy and hardcore in a very chessy way. This handheld reminds me of that. Black with "hey look at me" green and a glossy finish. All it's lacking are some blue leds.

The PC gaming community might be the most mature of them all (with the exception of the asshole elitists) but hardware manufacturers still design their products like they're aimed at teenage boys with a hard on for cheaply modified street cars.

It might be just me, though. I don't know.