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Take A Break With This Cat Who Plays Your Favorite Tunes

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Screenshot: Hoot Hoot

Want respite from a hectic, stressful world? Here, have some Bongo Cat.

Bongo Cat was originally created by artist Stray Rogue, and wasn’t originally called Bongo Cat or even playing the bongos. Stray Rogue had been drawing a cat-like blob called Rogu for some time. In May, they drew Rogu smacking a counter with their cute paws.


Content creator DitzyFlama edited the image to make it look like Rogu was hitting some bongos instead, which they put on YouTube in early September.

Bongo Cat, now a seperate entity from Rogu, took off among animators, artists, and people who know their way around video editing software. People have started animating Bongo Cat playing more and more elaborate songs. This cat has played everything from “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” to your favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure opening theme. Here’s a small sampling:


Bongo Cat has even played the greatest song of all time, “Rasputin” by Boney M.

Because the character has become such a runaway success, Stray Rogue has started selling Bongo Cat merch. 25% of all the proceeds go towards Meow Cat Rescue House, an animal shelter in Washington state. Sadly, these t-shirts, mugs and mousepads don’t play your favorite song, but they will help kittens in need.

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All hail Bongo Cat, the hero today’s internet needs.