Takahashi Meijin On Likelihood of Hudson Hardware Return...

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Hudson Soft no longer makes video games consoles, but at one time, it did. Best known for the PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16), Hudson stepped out of the home hardware market it in 1999 in Japan. In the years that followed, the company was purchased by Japanese developer Konami. Hudson human mascot Takahashi Meijin tells game site Gamasutra that the company is not doing any type of chip development at the moment."Actually, two or three years ago, we made the chip for a Konami TV game product known as the Poem," Takahashi added, "You could use it to do things like play baseball on the TV." While there is no R&D at the present moment, Takahashi does not dash hopes at another handheld PC Engine:

There may be a possibility, because there are still two main programmers with the company.


Don't expect that any time soon or like ever, but hey, nice to see that those two main programmers are at Hudson. Loyalty is important. The Game Master Speaks: Hudson's 'Takahashi-Meijin' Goes Retro [Gamasutra]

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I miss my Turbo Express. it is the portable Turbographx 16 that is shown above, it actually played the console games on the handheld.

but I sold my Turbo Grafx 16 the CD attachment 4 controllers the controller multi-port, about 40 games and the Turbo Express for about $850 American.

While I'm not sure I should have because I miss it, I hope they come out with an iPhone Turbo Grafx app.

I thought I would be able to sell it and get a new PS2 after mine broke but I got a lot more from the sale.