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Taiwanese Man Destroys Finger While Playing Video Games

Illustration for article titled Taiwanese Man Destroys Finger While Playing Video Games
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According to a broadcast on Shenzhen satellite television, a Taiwanese man damaged the cartilage in his finger while playing mobile phone games.


The man would apparently play mobile games for hours and hours on end each day, swiping and tapping his phone. As a result, his hand is now injured, and he cannot bend his finger properly.

A doctor appeared in the news broadcast, confirming that this is supposedly 100 percent possible. The doctor also gave an odd analogy about cartilage and rubber tires, explaining that you can only get so much mileage. Or so much rubber. Or cartilage. Or something.


社会现象新闻观察:男子玩手机触屏游戏上瘾磨光指关节软骨 [Youku]

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If only he could stop for a second..... and relief it with a Chinese finger trap.