Dishonored Dev Says That Games Don't Create Violence, But They Don't Prevent It Either

If you read a recent piece on video game violence, there's a good chance that somewhere in that article, included is a screenshot of a Dishonored neck stab. Last year was the year of the neck stab, after all. Rock, Paper, Shotgun spoke with the developer that coded that move in-gameā€”Joe Houstonā€”and he had Opinions Onā€¦

Somebody Who Actually Researches Video Games Says Proof that Media Influences Violence Just Isnā€™t There

The flurry of private citizens and professional pundits opining about what role video games might have played in the awful Sandy Hook shootings probably isn't going to stop soon. And while commentary has been ranged from inflammatory to poignant, the central issue of whether games influence behavior is far from beingā€¦