If you’ve ever dreamed a Japanese schoolgirl would impale you with a sword, you can have your wish in the next episode of the PlayStation VR game Summer Lesson. The girl you are tutoring this time is a magician, and she puts you into a magic box and runs you through with weapons. Actual feature: You can tell her to

The Tokyo Game Show food court is, as you might imagine, fairly incredible. I got some amazing steak curry to make up for that Pac-Man abomination from yesterday.

Bomberman just walked right by me and pretended to not even know who I was. Dude has a Switch game now and he’s too cool to even say hi.

Here’s the Japanese special edition for Secret of Mana. As you can see, it is pretty hot shit. You got your game, your soundtrack, figurines of the three characters, and then a freaking pop-up book with the Mana tree, so you can set the figures next to the tree and recreate the game’s iconic cover art. (And we don’t

Of course, PUBG is at Tokyo Game Show too. If you finish the match in the Top 5 you win a T-shirt. Already full of players!

You can cuddle up with a giant plush Rabite from Secret of Mana at the Square Enix booth. If I don’t file any other stories today it’s because I am still here.

As you get off the train for Tokyo Game Show, you’re greeted by the main characters of every Final Fantasy. It’s an ad for a 30th anniversary art exhibition starting in January here in Tokyo. I went up and down stairs until I found Terra and Bartz. (Well, Tina and Butz.)