A Video Tour Of The Tokyo Game Show Floor

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Let us take you on a magical tour of the Tokyo Game Show floor! Brian Ashcraft and I show you what’s hot at the Capcom, Sega, Square Enix, and Sony booths, plus more. We discover the secret Secret of Mana area as well as delicious plastic meat. Enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing guys...

I don’t want to criticize the service you’ve done, don’t get me wrong, but some suggestions for live streaming in general:

Don’t use Facebook for livestreaming. Their quality is crap. YouTube isn’t that much better but I think you can at least usually get 480p, sometimes up to 720p.

I dunno what you guys are using as camera (guessing an iPhone), but you need a gimbal like the DJI Osmo or something similar to control that shaky video... doesn’t matter if it’s the one that uses a smartphone as a camera or has it’s own camera and uses a smartphone as a monitor.
Nope, OIS from smartphones are not enough. Not even those on iPhone X or Note 8.
Also, if possible, focus to infinity and lock it down. No auto focus. It’s not reliable on low light situations, specially for video.

For audio, either a lavalier mic, wireless or wired, or a small shotgun like a Rode Videomic Pro can do wonders, if possible. Mount it up on a rig. For quick and dirty livestreams it’s not really necessary, but it improves audio specially in situations like those... inside noisy convention spaces. If the subject is moving all the time like Chris there, a lavalier is the way to go.

Given that I dunno what your objectives are there, if it’s just to give a peek it might not warrant purchase of all that gear... but you know, leaving tips here. Because the video was kinda bad. :P No offense.