11:45 AM

The very fine rhythm game Thumper hits Nintendo Switch today. I’ve been playing the Switch version over the last couple days, and it’s a good port. Looks nice, runs at 60fps, and feels good too, thanks to the Switch’s handcrafted artisan controller rumble.

9:55 AM

Rhythm violence game Thumper arrives on Nintendo Switch on May 18. The “best kind of rhythm game”comes with full HD rumble support on Nintendo hybrid console, running at a smooth 60 frames per second in both handheld (720p) and TV (1080p) modes.

1:40 PM

The very good rhythm game Thumper is now playable in VR on PC. It works with Vive and Rift through SteamVR and is also now on the Oculus store. Give it a go if you have the means—this game is extremely cool in VR.

12:45 PM

Thumper, an intense music game that lovingly describes itself as rhythm violence, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on October 13. It’s part of the PS VR lineup, but it’s not confirmed if the PC version will also support VR. “We hope to have good news soon,” the developer told me over email.