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The Long Dark’s third story episode, “Crossroads Elegy,” will release October 22. The announcement coincides with the five-year anniversary of the game’s early access release, which the developers reflect on in a blog post.

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Snowy survival game The Long Dark’s latest update, “Steadfast Ranger,” adds a new weapon, the revolver; causes cold and fatigue to affect your aim with the rifle; and changes the sprain mechanic, among a host of other neat-sounding tweaks. Watch the video above or see the change list here.

3:18 PM

The Long Dark’s story mode overhaul, Wintermute Redux, is now available. Changes have also been made to survival mode, including the addition of a new craftable item, a new buff, and a new challenge.

10:33 AM

The Long Dark’s third episode has been delayed, Hinterland Studios wrote in their November dev diary. However, the overhauled versions of Episodes 1 and 2 and tweaks to Survival mode will arrive in December.

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The first two episodes of The Long Dark’s story mode, Season One: Wintermute, will launch August 1st. The game will also come out of Early Access that day for Steam, Xbox One, and—surprise!—PS4.

1:12 PM

The Long Dark just received its biggest update of the year, “Resolute Outfitter.” It adds new clothing items and clothing stats, as well as the ability to visualize what your character is wearing. There’s also a new region, frostbite, and more.