Aug 7 2019

The Last Spell had me at Final Fantasy Tactics meets Dynasty Warriors. Whether it eventually delivers on that combination when it comes out next year on PC, the trailer has me pining for more tactical beat’em ups against giant They Are Billions-looking hordes.

Jan 20 2018

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles heads to the Nintendo Switch in February. The collection of three, small tactical RPGs are best thought of as sort of Final Fantasy Tactics-lites. They join Tiny Metal and a few other games (notably Mario + Rabbids) to build out the handheld’s library of strategy games.

Feb 20 2014

Prodigy is a new tactical role-playing experience that combines the world of high-quality figurines with video games. You officially have my attention, Hanakai Studio. Information is sparse, but the concept is intriguing and the artwork is so pretty. I shall keep my eyes on this one.