Shadow Warrior 2 will be out this October—October 13, to be exact—on PC. Check out the latest trailer, blood, blades, selfie sticks and all.

If you’re looking for more Shadow Warrior, a sequel is coming. Devolver Digital has tweeted out a teaser, and it seems likely we’ll learn more next week.

The Shadow Warrior reboot is coming to Xbox One and PS4, publisher Devolver Digital announced in a blog post. The ports will be arriving in late September. The video above is the launch trailer from about a year ago—but it's good enough to warrant another watch. Easily one of the best things about the game.

Fully destructible bicycles should be in every game. Devolver Digital, publishers of the re-imagined and incredibly bloody FPS Shadow Warrior, have released a humorous trailer discussing the game's less talked about features. Take a look above, have a laugh, and if you'd like, check out our impressions here.

Shadow Warrior is being rebooted next month. Flying Wild Hog's re-imagining of the classic, hilarious, and bloody 1997 first-person shooter will be arriving to PC on September 26. Naturally, there's a bloody trailer to go along with the release date announcement. Dig in!