The New Stranger Things Trailer Is a Real Thriller, and in More Ways Than One

The cast of Stranger Things got a heroes’ welcome in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, even before they released this giant trailer filled with new footage from the show’s incredibly anticipated second season. And yes, that is Vincent Price’s voiceover from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Yep, Stranger Things is…

In This New Death Note Clip, Ryuk the Death God Begins Making a Murderer

Whether it’s the manga, the anime, or this new, American-made live-action movie, Death Note has always been about a young man with a god complex who goes uses a magic book to go on a murder spree with global ramifications. But in this newest clip for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation, we’re taken to the very beginning—the…

We Saw a Glimpse of Thor: Ragnarok, But Learning What Thor Did During Civil War Was Even Better

When comedic director Taika Waititi was hired to make the third Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok, most people didn’t know what to expect. About 7,000 of those people now know what to expect as Marvel played a video Waititi directed at Comic-Con, showing Thor and Hulk’s whereabouts during Captain America: Civil War.