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Dec 13 2018

Rain World is coming to the Nintendo Switch later today. I actually really loved the survival platformer’s esoteric rules and thought they complimented the game’s beautiful, mysterious world, but fortunately, Switch is getting the 1.7 version which includes an easy mode for when dying all the time starts to wear thin. 

Apr 7 2017

Rain World got a patch that provides some gameplay improvements, including keeping map progress upon death, no longer getting stuck in those fake exits, and some tweaks to karma loss. Will it make the game less maddening? I hope so!

Mar 8 2017

Rain World is coming to PS4 and PC March 28th. Look at the cat. Bug? Cat bug? Anyway if I get it killed I’m gonna cry. Here’s a trailer.

Jan 16 2017

Half of Rain World’s two-man development team took to Sony’s PlayStation Blog today to talk more about the game. Joar Jakobsson describes the once industrial landscape battered into grimy disrepair by constant rain as an ecosystem to be survived rather than defeated. Years in the making, Rain World is still due out