As of Sunday afternoon, the SNES Classic at Nintendo’s PAX booth remains safely behind glass. Note that it has once more been rearranged compared with yesterday and Friday, which raises further questions about the ease with which the case can be opened. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.

I’m really looking forward to Return of the Obra Dinn, the next game from Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope. The version at PAX West is much improved from the early demo you may have played, with a much more extensive “ship’s log” interface that lets you keep track of all the murder mysteries you have to solve by

One day in, the SNES Classic at Nintendo’s PAX booth remains safe and secure. The controllers and information card have switched places since yesterday, however, indicating that someone opened the case and rearranged its contents. We will continue to keep you posted on this situation as it develops.

As of this morning, no one has attempted to break the glass and make off with the SNES Classic at Nintendo’s PAX booth. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.