9:16 AM

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers adds a complimentary six-pack of spiders today. Now that Peter Parker is established in the Marvel cinematic universe, he gets to be in the game based on it. The Spider-Man Character Pack is available for free starting today across all versions of the game.

3:00 AM

If you understand this reference, you should probably play LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. I’m currently battling the urge to collect all the bits while playing through the game for review, but in terms of pure Marvel cinematic universe fan service it’s a magical place.

12:56 PM

The first trailer for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers sticks to the scripts. Coming this winter (no longer fall) to everywhere LEGO video games go, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers injects the plots of the first two films with a heaping helping of brick-based silliness. Can it possibly top the amazingly expansive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes