2:55 PM

The role-playing game Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel will be out on December 22, publisher XSEED just announced. This one’s set in the same world as Trails in the Sky, but takes place in a different country with a new cast of characters. It’ll be on both PS3 and Vita.

12:25 PM

Want to know why Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC still isn’t out yet? Check out this blog post by XSEED for a look at even more of the trials and tribulations that have faced the much-anticipated RPG—including but not limited to purple butt blasts. The good news: they’re still hoping to release SC by the end of

5:20 AM

As we wait for Trails in the Sky's new chapter to drop, Japan is getting ready for a new Legend of Heroes RPG of its own. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash chronologically takes place before Trails in the Sky, during the oft-referenced Great War. It is set to hit the PS3 and Vita in Japan on September 26.