10:40 AM

Massdrop and Hasbro have teamed up to create the perfect board game/keyboard crossover. Community designer Cassidy Williams captured the essence of Scrabble perfectly in this set. The drop runs all month, with kits starting at $47 for just the letters and numbers. Unless they fall on a red space. Then it’s $141.

6:16 PM

Shouldn’t your keyboard match your Gundam? Designed by Hidden Lab, the officially-licensed Gundam RX-78-2 double shot keyset is a stunning way to turn a keyboard into a Newtype (sorry). The $130 set is being offered as a group buy, shipping in May.

2:00 PM

A nice set of matching keycaps can be expensive, but who needs matching? The ACR60 I assembled this weekend looks lovely in mismatched “unicorn vomit,” courtesy of grab bags purchased from users on Reddit’s MechMarket. Plus it’s got a super X%&#! “Beer Break” key.