Sadly, "Hat_Dogs" is not an addon for Watch Dogs or Team Fortress 2, but an impressive piece of editing by STBlackST of TF2 characters hacking each other and teleporting bread. Gotta pause the clip a lot to catch all the puns.

Poor Team Fortress 2 sniper. He just wanted to have breakfast. I'm pretty sure we can all relate to Callegos Yavolitak's outstanding Team Fortress 2 machinima, where the most important meal of the day is also the hardest to carry out.

Da Vinci's iconic The Last Supper, turned into a Team Fortress 2 parody, with—who else—Gabe Newell sitting in the center. If the creator, Nefnoj, used the golden ratio to define the proportions, it is indeed an authentic replica of the original.

Otherwise harmless little things, like the bunny mask from Team Fortress 2, can have a huge impact. For example, it can get someone in the Steam Community to pay homage to Hotline Miami with the game's characters (complete with 80s sunglasses) in a really stunning way.

The closest we can get to Street Fighter in Garry's Mod, using Team Fortress 2 models and hats is... actually pretty close. I can't remember Guile wearing a coat, but everything else fits really well.

Mighty Morphin Mecha Mario, assemble! If the world ever needs a giant, Koopa-fighting Super Mario, this one straight from Gmod would do the job easily. Especially with that giant drilling tool (hopefully) attached to his left arm.