10:55 AM

Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch ‘Vows of Virture, Deeds of Cruelty’ releases on October 29th. The patch brings a new game plus option, a brand new crafting activity, and the first part of a raid series based on Nier: Automata. Also: Trick Attack doesn’t need to be performed from the back. You’re welcome, Ninjas.

9:20 AM

The soundtrack to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is now live for digital download on iTunes. Masayoshi Soken’s score offers some of this year’s most powerful moments, and it well worth grabbing if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV or good music in general.

10:30 AM

It’s Final Fantasy XIV patch day and it’s all about buffs! Ninjas are getting much needed love and Samurai attacks have tons of potency increases. Arcanist and Summoners have changes to how Ruin works too. You can read all the changes here.

2:00 PM

It’s patch day for Final Fantasy XIV! The latest update adds a new difficult tier to the Eden series of raids and applies some welcome buffs to Monks and Astrologians. Also: hey, Scholars get Energy Drain so they can do something other than spam Broil!