Tabula Rasa: Humanity Dies Tomorrow

The forces of humanity make a final stand tomorrow night, as Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa celebrates its final day with an all-out alien invasion.

Be there tomorrow to witness the end of a particularly short era, as the chief baddies in massively multiplayer sci-fi shooter Tabula Rasa mount a full-scale invasion of just about everything. Tomorrow marks the last day of the game's operation, and if the more recent updates are any indication, the development team isn't going to go out quietly.


We request that all military personnel begin fortifying defenses at every AFS base in preparation for a massive Bane assault. If enemy troop movements are as large as we fear, and the Neph are truly prepared to lead all out war against us, this may be our last stand. Penumbra has been informed of the situation and is standing by on the use of their last resort weapon. We can not afford to be complacent or uncertain, but if it is truly our destiny to be destroyed, we are taking them all with us.

The end begins at 8PM, either GMT or CST depending on your server, coming to a close at midnight, when the servers shut down forever.

Even if you haven't played much since launch, it might be worthwhile logging in to watch the game die, if only to say you were there.

Tabula Rasa's Final Feedback Friday [PlayTR]

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