If you're in New York City or nearby, there's something you've got to do by the end of the weekend. Head over to the Park Avenue Armory on 68th street, plunk down $12 and spend an hour or so swinging on swings as you create art.

The installation is called Ann Hamilton: The Event of a Thread. While there are parts of it that involve people reading esoteric prose and poetry next to caged pigeons and parts that involve live singing, the draw is the 40-something swings that are all tethered to a massive piece of cloth. Swing on the swings—each one seats two!—and your motions will cause the cloth to ripple. Play turns into art. Sound familiar?

It looks great from a balcony above.

Or lie down under the cloth and you'll get another lovely view.

I can't recommend this highly enough. So, go. Have fun. The piece will be up until the end of Sunday.

ANN HAMILTON: the event of a thread [Park Avenue Armory]