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Ah, yes. Swingers. Those interested in using game consoles to host orgies, listen up! Online swinger site Kasidie offers up some tips on how game consoles can be liven up an evening of sex with multiple partners. From the site:

Even the names of today's gaming consoles seem like they were geared towards swingers...

How'd you like to come back to my "Playstation" so I can put my "Wii" into your "Xbox"?

If you can make it through that line without cringing, perhaps you might be able to make it through the rest of the piece. Remember kids, writing about sex is way more difficult than actually having it!

The New Social Lubricant [Kasidie via Go Nintendo via Next-Gen] [Pic]

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Nothing will ever beat the "Can I insert my Joystick in your Playstation?". It was in fact used in an AIDS awareness campaing in Portgual a few years back, whre a guy had hsi privates covered by a joystick, a famle had her covered by playstation and the "GAME OVER" splattered in the end. It sure got the message across.