The Hearthstone Soundtrack Is So Good

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The first thing that struck me about Hearthstone wasn't the lovely art or the goofy writing; it was the music. That killer music.

I'd been waiting to play the game until it came out on iPad, and finally dove in last weekend. The more I played, the more I liked playing. (To the point where, like Jason, I'm having a hard time stopping playing.) And the more matches I played, the more enamored I became of the music.

Figures, then, that it was co-composed by none other than Peter McConnell. McConnell is best known for his work with Tim Schafer; he created the excellent musical scores for games like Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and most recently, Broken Age. Hearthstone's other composer is Jason Hayes—he's known primarily for his work at Blizzard, and was the composer for the original World of Warcraft.


The Hearthstone soundtrack is mostly made up of low-key acoustic guitar grooves mixed in with a woodwind ensemble, with flute, bassoon, english horn and bass clarinet players trading sparse solos without crowding one another. The tunes add a necessary momentum to Hearthstone's matches without getting in the way of the game itself. Each track is a killer, and the guitar soloist in particular outdoes himself.

This is my favorite tune, titled "Don't Let Your Guard Down."

Below are several other great tracks, all courtesy of Hearthpwn.

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I think I'm the only person who doesn't really, really like this game. The mechanics are fun and all but I dont like playing against other people. I would be happier if there was more of a "campaign" mode to it