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Sweet Mother of Assassin's Creed III, I Would Wear This Jacket Up And Down And Everywhere

Illustration for article titled Sweet Mother of emAssassins Creed III/em, I Would Wear This Jacket Up And Down And Everywhere

I don't like most gamer clothing. They're usually tacky, or have a huge, ugly logo plastered everywhere. Plus, personally, they're usually all too large. I have a zillion gamer sleep shirts, but nothing I would actually ever wear outside the confines of my apartment.


This, though. This.

I've been following Volante Design for awhile now. He's an incredibly talented designer and tailor, a one-man show that's just recently taken on a few helpful hands. But this Kenway Jacket, designed after Assassin's Creed III's protagonist—Connor—is fabulous. And it's got just the right amount of subtlety and yet obvious connection to teeter that fine line that often tumbles over to horrendously ugly or obnoxiously over the top.


Also, zippers. You can't go wrong with a couple snazzy zippers.

Unfortunately it's $320, and while I don't find the price unreasonable, I can't cater to my whims. If I did I'd have nowhere to put all the things I'd buy. Like a pool. I live in NYC, guys. Where would I put a pool?

Ancestors: Kenway Options [Volante Design]

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You put a pool on the roof and you wear your expensive jacket around the house. Then when people come over you can say to them, "Look. Look at my pool and my beautiful jacket. No touching."