Suspended League Of Legends Pro Admits He Leveled An Account For Money

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Following his suspension for the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) earlier this week due to allegations that he’d leveled another player’s account for $1,300, professional League player Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian has come clean. He says he didn’t realize he was committing a “severe” offense.


Xian’s team, Team Impulse, issued a statement last night confirming that he’d leveled another player’s account’s competitive ranking in exchange for money—a process known as “elo boosting,” elo being the term used to refer to an individual’s standing in the game’s hierarchical skill-based ranking system. League of Legends developer Riot Games draws a hard line on elo boosting, which is understandable. As I explained in a comment on my original story about Xian’s suspension: “Elo boosting means that people would get into ranks they’re not experienced enough to play in, which would destroy the legitimacy of the game’s ranking system by turning it into a pay-to-win environment.”

Impulse’s statement included a personal address from Xian, which says he wasn’t aware of the severity of the offense:

Hi, I’m TiP XiaoWeiXiao, I feel very sorry to everyone. Because of my ignorance, I did not realize ELO boosting is a such severe incident, so it happened. I assure you guys, this was the first time and last time I would ever do such thing. I sincerely apologize to all of our fans, Riot Games, and mostly my teammates. Sorry, I didn’t live up to your expectations.

The Team Impulse statement qualifies Xian’s elo boosting by saying it’s an isolated incident. “To our knowledge,” the statement read, “this is XWX’s first and last offense—this was an isolated incident that neither the players, management, nor the organization as a whole were aware of or involved in.”

Riot said earlier this week that it’s investigating Xian’s case. The developer has yet to issue a ruling.

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Everybody’s done a crime they didn’t know was one. Not saying he shouldn’t be charged, but we should recognize it’s an accident