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NIS America's warning that the Disgaea 3 trophy patch would render previous saved games useless turns out to have been a false alarm, with multiple readers reporting that their saves work just fine.


We've been emails since yesterday regarding the Disgaea 3 update, which was originally thought to provide trophy support for the PlayStation 3 at the cost of all of the progress the player had made in the game to that point. Apparently there was some miscommunication on NIS America's part, because version 2.10 save games are loading just fine with version 2.30. I've confirmed this personally. Go figure.


Kotakuite Rick even went as far as to transcribe the warning displayed before he updated his game:

Features revised in Version 2.30

For version 2.20 the save date typ has changed.
Therefore, take note of the following 3 things.

1. You will need over 2,600KB of Hard Drive space to save.
2.Save Data created with version 2.10 will be updated automatically
3. Save data created by version 2.20 is not compatible with version 2.10.

Save files from 2.20 aren't compatible with 2.10, but they are with 2.30.

Thank goodness, right? This is the sort of misinformation a guy can really get behind.

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