Surprise: Adventures of Mana Appears On Vita

Illustration for article titled Surprise: iAdventures of Mana /iAppears On Vita

Here’s a nice little surprise for RPG fans who don’t like touch controls: Adventures of Mana, the Final Fantasy Adventure remake that came out earlier this year for smartphones, is now on Vita.


Square Enix decided to surprise-release the port this morning with no fanfare or advance warning. It’ll cost you $14. I haven’t played this version, but on iOS it’s excellent.

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So, as somebody who recently purchased a “smart phone”, I was wondering if any of the old RPGs are worth buying on it. Aside from touch controls seeming weird (especially for Secret of Mana) it seems all the reviews have a healthy amount of people complaining that they don’t work properly, or at all.
Is it worth it? Am I better off just getting an emulator for my PC if I want to play some of these old games? I’d rather do it the “right” way, but if the experience sucks, I don’t want to encourage shitty mobile ports.
I never should have let my brother take the old SNES with him. Not that all my FF carts didn’t have the curse of the random save delete.