Sure Looks Like Jet Set Radio's Headed to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

The House of Sonic's dropped a vague but drip-filled teaser that strongly suggests that the beloved inline-skating, graffiti-tagging Jet Set Radio game will be hitting modern consoles soon. The killer soundtrack and high-contrast, brightly colored cartoon art style made developer Smilebit's Dreamcast game a hit, but Sega never reissued the game—even as they've rolled out other back-catalog titles—despite much fan clamor and rumors a few years back.


Jet Set Radio's the kind of game people keep old game systems around for. One hopes that new details will answer some burning questions, like will this be both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future, is this an HD re-master and how much of the soundtrack is coming back. We'll update this story as new info about this re-release is available.


I swore this launched on the original xbox