A Polish website has posted images of what they say are real promotional posters for Grand Theft Auto V. The posters peg the game for a spring 2013 release date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We can't verify their authenticity but have asked a Rockstar rep if he will. This post will be updated if he does.

The images bear a European ratings logo on them, so, even if they're real, there's a chance the rest of the world could be getting the game some other season.

But these posters have the benefit of plausibility. GTA V was shown in action to reporters from Game Informer magazine earlier this month. And, from personal experience, I can say that Rockstar tends not to show reporters their games more than six or so months before release. Spring seems like a good time to launch.

So... legit? You decide (or, Rockstar, tell us, please!).

Premiera GTA V wiosnÄ… 2013! Mamy przeciek! TYLKO U NAS! [GTA-V.pl, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]


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