Superman Needs To Wear A GoPro

Ever wonder what it would look like to fly faster than a speeding bullet? Well, the folks at CorridorDigital got their hands on a UAV with a camera and decided to use it to envision what it might look like if Superman spent a day wearing a camera on his head.

The idea of seeing crime fighting from first-person is pretty cool, but I think it's just as cool how they managed to pull it off. They used a quadcopter with a camera on it (instead of a machine gun) to fly around the city, even flying up to the height of some skyscrapers. One cool feature — apparently the drone has a GPS on it, so if it gets lost or your controller dies, it can fly itself back to where you launched it!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video:

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Oculus Rift + Superman 64... hmmm...