Supergiant's Hades Is Coming To Switch

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To kick off today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase, Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre developer Supergiant announced that its most recent game, Hades, is coming to Switch this fall.


Hades is a narrative-driven roguelike rooted in Greek mythology. The Switch version will have cross save functionality with the PC version, so if you—like me—have already sunk countless hours into the early access version, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off on Switch.

Even in early access, Hades is already one of my favorite games of the past couple years. Its story about fighting to improve your circumstance despite the odds and pissing off your jerk dad unfolds over the course of replays, with characters slowly revealing their multifaceted motivations—and yours.

It’s also a game where even abject failure—sucking, dying, getting thrown back to the bottom of hell and laughed at by your jerk dad—means progress in terms of both narrative and your character’s strength. The game does an incredible job of tying these systems together, revealing new mechanical twists with timing, pacing, and efficacy that makes new evolutions to combat feel just as exciting and surprising as story developments. In short, though, this means that even though it’s a roguelike, persistent progress is still a crucial element. Cross save functionality, then, makes perfect sense for this one, and Supergiant was wise to implement it.

Hades is still in early access, but its 1.0 version will come out sometime later this year. While the Switch version does not have an exact release date beyond “fall,” I imagine it’ll launch on Switch around the same time.

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That cross-save feature may have just sold this for me. As someone who has also been adoring the early access version of the game, this is exceptionally appealing.