Fanart is a high form of flattery. Turning scenes from your favorite games into animated clips, each taking hours to days to weeks to finish, has to be the highest form.

These amazing short animations all come from the US-based, 17-year-old artist AmazingArtistYellow. The one on the top is their latest, called “Come back here you little punk!,” and it comes, of course, from Undertale. There’s a couple more below. I heavily optimized them to make this post smaller, so you might wanna click through to their DeviantArt pages for better-looking versions.

“Blaze” from Fire Emblem.


“Child of Mercy” from Undertale.

“Big-Me Meets Mini-Me” from Super Smash Bros.


“A Caretaker’s Intervention” from Undertale is a big spoiler for the game’s Pacifist route, so I only put a still here. You can find the full version through the link.

“Know Your Place” from Super Smash Bros.


“It’s not Zelda, it’s Link!” from Super Smash Bros.

“I Don’t Know What To Call This” from Super Smash Bros.


“Nom Nom” from Super Mario Bros.

There’s tons more art in AmazingArtistYellow’s DeviantArt gallery.

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