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When Capcom began planning a portable version of Super Street Fighter IV, the PSP and the Nintendo DS were considered as platform choices. They weren't quite up to snuff.


"Neither system would've been able to produce a port that I would be satisfied with," Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono told Japanese game mag Famitsu, via game site 1Up.

Enter the Nintendo 3DS.

"We decided that we could produce Street Fighter on that system well enough that everything fun about the series would shine through," Ono added. "There was also the fact that we could use all of its network abilities to help gamers communicate with each other."


Does that mean Super Street Fighter IV is going to be "dumbed down" so small children can play it?

Doesn't sound like it. Ono tells Famitsu that they want to make a game kids would like to become better at, and the company has no plans to rebalance the game. Capcom intends on doing a port of the original game, complete with all 35 characters. The 3D will not directly impact gameplay.

"The system itself is still purely SSFIV — we're thinking about ways 3D can be used in the visuals instead."

Ono also stated that Capcom is testing to see how the bottom screen and slide pad can be implemented. "Maybe we could use the screen to simulate multiple button presses and the pad for special moves," said Ono, "or the like."


The release date is still undecided, but Capcom would like to get the game out in stores while Super Street Fighter IV is still popular in Japanese arcades.

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