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Smash Bros. Ultimate Fan Mod Adds Crono From Chrono Trigger

There’s even a red-haired Kirby transformation for Crono

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Crono swings a bright Japanese sword.
Screenshot: Pik

Last year, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced that Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be the last character in the fighting game roster. But that hasn’t stopped fans from trying to add their own favorites to the game. Yesterday, a fan uploaded a mod that lets Smash players turn Hero into Crono from Chrono Trigger. And it looks good enough to have been an official DLC (h/t: Event Hubs).

According to the description on Pik’s mod page, the mod adds Crono as seven alternative costumes for Hero from Dragon Quest. The mod also turns Hero’s “Magic Burst” (his down special) into a green spell called Luminaire. The modder opted to retain Hero’s ability name in order to avoid confusing Hero mains. The mod even comes with a custom Crono outfit for Kirby, who transforms whenever he swallows an enemy. While he does his own 3D sculpting, Pik also enlisted other modders for cloth rigging, headband physics, and scripting.


Pik is an experienced modder who has made skins for other characters such as Ninten from the Mother series, Gold from Pokémon, the original Harvest Moon protagonist, and Link from the original The Legend of Zelda game. Most of his creations are fairly retro, or they’re older versions of modern Nintendo characters.

Chrono Trigger is a classic RPG that was originally released in 1995. If you don’t have a SNES, then you can still play the PC port on Steam. Crono stars as its silent protagonist, and he fights using spells called “Techs.” Luminaire is a light spell that damages multiple enemies, and it’s Crono’s strongest ability in the game. So it’s fitting that Pik opted to mod it into his fan-made skin.


For years, I had to listen to players complain when their favorite character didn’t make it to the Smash roster. It’s pretty cool that Pik was willing to take matters into his own hands.