Now that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is out on, well, the 3DS in Japan, people are playing it. And some of those people are reporting that the game is resulting in broken Slide Pads.

Note: This article shows unlocked characters. Do not read further if you don't want them spoiled.

The Slide Pad is a defining feature for the 3DS, and according to some Super Smash Bros. owners, it doesn't appear strong enough to stand up to what the game dishes out.

Players, like Twitter user ZELDA96320045 (below), are even seeing their Slide Pads coming off during the demo. Last week, this was reported on Japanese internet forum 2ch. After the game went on sale this weekend, there have been further 2ch reports of this happening.

Others experienced Slide Pad destruction on the day the game was released in Japan.


Either the Slide Pad's rubber part comes off or the plastic part underneath comes off as well. If this is widespread, it certainly looks like a problem.

Many of the busted pads appear on regular 3DS units, but there are also a few photos of XL handhelds with ruined pads floating around. Below, you can see photos of the damage Smash Bros. is apparently unleashing on some people's portables—right after it hit Japan.


[Photo: Megamann177]

[Photo: m_mmliy]


[Photo: tiba_r]

[Photo: cochioka]


[Photo: Takumi2go]

[Photo: eichi3902]


[Photo: syu0717x]

[Photo: n_ne3707]


[Photo: Pof_theD]

[Photo: dragonwaterfall]


[Photo: nazo_victory]

[Photo: ymd1111hiro]


[Photo: countryma_am02]

Maybe, you think this is because Smash Bros. is such a furious game. Maybe! But then again, check out this photo from August.


[Photo: yuria9103]

Animal Crossing is hardly a button-mashing fighting game. So, yeah, this isn't the first time we've seen Slide Pads come off. But if these recent Smash Bros. reports are anything to go by, get ready to see a lot more.

3DSでスマブラをプレイしている最中にスライドパッドが壊れる事案が多発! [2ch]

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