Super Robot Taisen - The Power Is In Your Chest

The official trailer for Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier for the Nintendo DS proves once and for all that you're more powerful when you're nearly naked, even if you're Kos-Mos.

Xenosaga might have been a much shorter series if KOS-MOS had only learned her hidden power earlier. I myself never realized that popping out of your shirt could give you the extra power boost you needed to overcome tough situations. Needless to say, next time I get into a fight, this shirt is coming off, and while they're laughing I am going to run away.

Super Robot Taisen Overly Long Title Come On For Crying Out Loud should be out in stores on April 28th.

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Hey, aren't Reiji and Xiaomu from Namco x Capcom? Awesome. I was about to say the map stuff looked kind of disappointing but then the battle system kicked in with its "massive wonders" and now I'm sold.

Bestest battle system? Or boobest?