Super Monkey Ball Vita Is Real, Monkeying Around Early 2012

New video game hardware? New Super Monkey Ball! Confirming this weekend's leak, Sega has officially announced that Super Monkey Ball—arguably as reliable as death and taxes—is coming to the PlayStation Vita in early 2012.


Monkey Ball mainstays AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon return for the umpteenth version of Sega's tilt-and-tumble action game, bringing with them some very familiar looking gameplay. But the PS Vita version of Super Monkey Ball promises to "[take] full advantage of the capabilities offered by the innovative new Vita handheld console"


Presumably, Sega's means dual analog, touchscreen-based and tilt controls for the Vita version will make playing Super Monkey Ball on the go interesting again, along with the four player Wi-Fi-based multiplayer. Additionally, the publisher touts "all-new worlds, original mini-games and updated graphics."

Don't be surprised if Super Monkey Ball pops up at this week's Vita-heavy Tokyo Game Show, which Kotaku will be all over like ugly on an ape.

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Full Metal Plushie

I'd just like to say that I find Super Monkey Ball fun. I'm 29 years old and remember gaming since I was about 3. I played games on the colecovision and atari. I tried my hands at king's quest and the black cauldron, though I was too young to understand them at the time. I'm not as old as some other gamers here but have played quite a bit over the span of my lifetime.

Again, I find Super Monkey Ball fun and I don't really care what anyone thinks about that.