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Super Metroid Screenshot, Remastered Into HD In Photoshop Looks Stunning

DeviantArt user Elemental79 did a crazy job converting a screenshot from the classic SNES game Super Metroid into HD using only Photoshop. He recorded the whole procedure in this speed up video to show us how much work something like this needs.


He already did the same treatment with Doom, with similar, awesome results and we really hope there will be follow-ups.

Super Metroid - Depths of Tourian - Photoshop Speed Art [YouTube]

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Jonathan Ponikvar

Hopefully they give us SOMETHING Metroid-flavored at E3 this year. Something that doesn't involve Team Ninja. It'd be perfect as old-style 2D exploration, but heck I'll even take another 3D Prime FPS at this point.

Just... ANYTHING to make us remember Metroid as awesome again. I really hope they don't just leave the series on such a low note (Other M).