Super Mario's First Level As Ten Different Games

What if Super Mario Bros. world 1-1 was a first-person shooter? How about a 100-player battle royale? A trading card game? A full-motion video adventure? Nordic Game Jam 2019 third place winner 1-1 is all that and more, and you can play it right now.


1-1 reminds me of televised cooking competitions, where everyone is tasked with making, say, a clam dish, and one plucky bastard decides to do clams three ways. In this case, the plucky bastards are the Big Breakfast Collective, and team consisting of Alex Williams, Phillip Busch, Dennis Lorenze, and Mattia Traverso of Last Day of June fame. Instead of three ways, they’ve done Super Mario Bros. world 1-1 ten different ways, none of which taste like garbage.

It’s a shooter. It’s a text adventure. It’s an FMV game. It’s Loom-like. Head over to, download the zip file and see for yourself.

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Damn it. Now I want a full Nintendo crossover type card game.