Screenshot: Nintendo

Punch-Out!!, Star Soldier, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, aka the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, are the next games coming to Nintendoā€™s NES library on Switch Online, on April 10.

In other words, itā€™s another fairly safe, predictable month for Nintendo, with no especially surprising releases and nothing that hasnā€™t already been in print since Virtual Console on the Wii. (Weā€™re all just waiting for SNES games at this point, anyway, right?)

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Do note that once you get to the end of Punch-Out!!, you wonā€™t be fighting Mike Tyson, as that version of the game hasnā€™t seen official release since the ā€˜80s. Iron Mike was replaced with the generic Mr. Dream halfway through the NES lifecycle, and thatā€™s the version thatā€™s been available digitally since.

While weā€™re on the subject, am I the only one who canā€™t beat Punch-Out!! on anything other than a CRT? I can knock out Tyson on the olā€™ Trinitron, but in matches against Mr. Dream on anything that introduces even a little bit of lag, I donā€™t have enough time to dodge his punches reliably.