Super Mario Bros. Always Needed More Blood

If you're going to pay homage to the classic Super Mario Bros., you may as well do it by making a very similar game, only with loads of blood in it.

That and a delightfully floaty jump are the driving force behind Tiny Plumbers, an indie platformer Robot<3Kitty which looks like an Xbox Live Indie Games Channel interpretation of Nintendo's venerable platformer.

It's not, though, it's for the PC, and you can preorder a copy for just $10 at the game's site below.


Tiny Plumbers [Official Site, via GameSetWatch]

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This current trend of "retro" ie "shitty" looking games has to stop. I didnt buy an a HD TV to play games that look like this crap all the time. Sorry, but I like eye candy! Get somebody with talent and put some damn style back into these games already! No more "Oh, lets make a retro platformer with pixel blood durp durp durp."