You'd expect Batman to grimace, but would you expect the Flash to frown or Superman to scowl?

Throughout the month of September, DC Comics, publisher of those heroes and more, released 52 new super-hero comics books. Throughout this past month, I read them and reviewed them.


An ad on the back of Superman #1 features a smiling Superman, but the Man of Steel is in a non-smiling rage on the cover. That got me thinking... had I seen anyone smiling on the cover of DC's 52 new comics?

I decided to check the covers of all 52 comics. Some of these comics have groups of heroes on them; some just have one. All I need is one lead character to smile for it to count. So, out of 52 comics, how many feature a smile?


Take a guess. Then watch the movie Kotaku intern Matt Buzzi and I shot to find out the results.

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