Sumioni and Razor Salvation Enter the Tegra Zone

The quad-core Tegra 3 chip gets a little more love this morning with the addition of Acquire's demon-painting action game Sumioni and turret shooter Razor Salvation from Blowfish.

When last I played Sumioni is was on the PlayStation Vita, and the gesture-based ink demon magic should translate quite nicely to Tegra 3-powered Android devices. Hell, it might even be better on my tablet.


Meanwhile, Razor Salvation drops players into the Earth's last line of defense against alien invasion, inside a stationary dropship packed with weapons. It's a survival shooting gallery in 360 degrees, with cash earned in battle used to upgrade your vehicle and weapons so you can last longer and earn more money, and so on.

Both are available now on Google Play at really odd prices.

Sumioni - $12.83 [Google Play]

Razor Salvation - $2.03 [Google Play]


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