Rockstar's games are no strangers to mystery and intrigue, but some believe there's a puzzle (or five) at the heart of Grand Theft Auto V that's been keeping people guessing for months.

GTAV is set in the fictional state of San Andreas. The last game set there included a jetpack, which Grand Theft V seemingly doesn't. Yet as The Daily Dot rounds up, that's not stopping people from trying to find one.

The search has latched onto this sign, printed on the side of Trevor's hangar. Jack Sheepe, you see, isn't just a parody of John Deere, it's also one of the stage names of 90s porn star Jake Steed.


The only time Steed used that name was to appear as a spaceman in a porn remake of The Rocketeer.

The Rocketeer goes for 108 minutes. There are several instances of "R-108" appearing throughout Grand Theft Auto V.

The Rocketeer uses a jetpack. You can see where this is going.

What's helping all this is that Steed is himself a mystery; having fled the US over a decade ago, he hasn't been heard from since.


Whether it's all a coincidence, a misdirection on Rockstar's part or a genuine trail of breadcrumbs, nobody except Rockstar know.

Not that this is the only hunt currently going on to uncover the game's secrets. There are a number of other mysteries scattered throughout the game, from UFO wrecks to strange writings on the top of mountains.

It's fun seeing the lengths that people will go to not just to try and solve a mystery, but to convince themselves that there's a mystery there to be solved in the first place.

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