Subtitles: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em Off?

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Games are talky sons-of-bitches these days, and the more lines of spoken dialog we get the more chance we'll have an option to toss words up on the screen. Commenter invadingduck wants to know how you feel about that. Also, his brother talks to himself.


OK, so you got games, right? Do you got games with a lot of spoken dialog? Probably! So this game most likely has options as well. And it probably has an option called "subtitles-On/Off" or something too.

So, my question: Do you like to play games with subtitles on?

I know I don't. I'm one of those people who get distracted kind of easily. So if I'm trekking through some backwoods in some kingdom killing goblins and such, it kind of breaks the immersion when some words pop up at the bottom of the screen. Even if it isn't an exciting part of the game, my eyes will follow the words and not the animations. So I usually turn them off.

But my brother is the exact opposite and needs subtitles on at all times. Like me, he get easily distracted, but usually with his phone or when he talks to himself. So a lot of the time he misses what people say or he mishears them. To avoid confusion, he just leaves the subtitles on.

So what's your audiovisual preference? Subtitles on or off?

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InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long

I should clarify my brother talking to himself a bit more. He talks while playing games. Mostly at the games. You know, stuff like "Aw, man, that's cheap" or "Ha! Got ya!" or "why is this boss so gay?" He does that a lot.

Just to reiterate: He is not insane. Just annoying sometimes.