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Stuntwoman Nearly Killed Making New Resident Evil Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Olivia Jackson, a professional stuntwoman who has recently worked on Mad Max and Force Awakens, was seriously injured last month on the set of the new Resident Evil movie, which is currently shooting in South Africa.

Jackson was working as star Milla Jovovich’s double, and on September 5 was involved in an accident that sounds absolutely horrific. From Jovovich’s Facebook post:

My incredibly talented stunt double, Olivia Jackson, collided with a camera crane while performing a motorcycle stunt and it put her in the hospital with severe, multiple injuries....I wasn’t personally there to witness it, but from the reports I got, it was awful. None of us have experienced anything like this in our careers making action films and hope we never do again, but the production reacted very quickly to ensure she received the best care and also in reaching out to her family and making sure they were informed and looked after during this overwhelmingly difficult time.


It doesn’t sound like Jovovich was kidding when she says nobody had seen anything like this; Jackson’s injuries included:

  • 2 weeks in a coma with a bleeding and swollen brain.
  • Severed main artery in the neck.
  • Crushed and “degloved” face (google that last term at your own NSFW risk).
  • Broken ribs.
  • Shattered Scapula.
  • Broken Clavicle.
  • Broken Humerus.
  • Broken Radius & Ulna.
  • Amputated thumb.
  • Torn fingers.
  • Five nerves torn out from her spinal cord.

Holy shit. Amazingly, Jackson didn’t just survive the collision, but is already on the mend; as Life is Savage reports, she recently listed those injuries in a post on her own Facebook page.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Olivia!